Wedding Planning Checklist

One of the biggest headaches that comes from planning a wedding is dealing with the variety of wedding vendors that are involved in your festivities. Keeping a wedding planning checklist of things to remember will help you deal with them. Wedding vendors include any company that you hire to provide services for your wedding. These can include:

  • Musicians
  • Reception entertainment
  • Caterers
  • Wedding cake providers
  • Florists

Because there are so many moving parts to a wedding, and so many details to remember, wedding vendors can be very stressful to deal with. First, make sure that you get any and all agreements in writing and signed by both you and the vendor. This will ensure that obligations are agreed upon, and you can manage your expectations. Without getting this in writing, you risk complications down the line when both of you are arguing over what was expected.

Second, keep a notebook or binder with all the vendor information in it. In this notebook, make sure that you track the due dates for deposits and payments for all vendors, and what times they will be providing their services during the wedding. Your wedding planning checklist will keep you from being confused over everything the vendors will provide.

Finally, in some cases, you may want to assign someone to deal with the particular vendor on the wedding day. If you are the bride or groom, you will be dealing with enough that day. Have the best man or the maid of honor deliver final payments to the DJ, for example. Make sure that the vendors know who exactly they should be dealing with that day. This will ensure that all operations are running smoothly on your wedding day, and you can relax and enjoy the day.

Include these steps in your wedding planning checklist. If you ignore these steps, you run the risk of unhappy vendors who may even refuse services, particularly if they do not receive adequate deposits and payments on time. Avoid this catastrophe and plan ahead.

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