Top 5 Celebrity Marriage Stories This Week

In case you haven’t been watching TV, surfing the net, or flipping through grocery store tabloids…here’s this week’s celebrity news in weddings, marriage, and unfortunately divorce.

1. Al and Tipper Gore- After 40 years of marriage they have agreed to an amicable split. It hit the news this week and of course the media was more than happy to show their famous kiss during the 2000 elections, which was passionate (to say the least). They were high school sweethearts and they seemed to really have their marriage together, many of their closest friends were very shocked at the announcement. Could it be Al’s drive to make the earth a healthier place? Some sources did suggest that their lives were on different paths, but either way we wish both of them luck.

2. Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Lisa Ann Russell- He and his wife are now separated after 14 years of marriage. They have two children and met on the set of Saved by the Bell (who can ever forget Zack Morris, really)

3. Jane Lynch and Lara Embry got Married- Jane Lynch is the star of hit TV show Glee and has been in many movies including Role Models (which is hilarious).  Lara Embry is a renowned psychologist. The two women met at a fundraiser in 2009 and were married in Massachusetts this past Monday.

4. Rush Limbaugh Getting Hitched- This will be Rush’s fourth marriage.  Rush is getting married to a woman named Kathryn Rogers who is 33 years old, Rush is 59. They have been together since 2004, and are set to marry in Palm Beach.

5. Prince William May Officially be Off the Market?!- Say it isn’t so! The Washington Times has reported that there’s a lot of speculation abound in regards to Prince William and his girlfriend of 7 years, Kate Middleton. The couple met at the University of St. Andrew’s and are both 28 years old. “Friday could be the day” but this was also speculated back in 2006 and there was no engagement as initially suspected. This time may be different as Prince William allegedly said that he’d be, “ready for marriage after his 28th birthday.” Let’s see what happens today and if the engagement goes through there will be many broken hearts. Image credit

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