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New York Times Wedding ANNOUNCEMENT- How’s this for a wedding announcement?I’m sure you’ve heard of this scandal. A couple who met while both married and met at their kids’ schools boasted about their marriage that occurred this past November after they ended both of their marriages to be with eachother. This has not been a pretty story, the scandal has been talked about on the news, blogs, everywhere! Now it seems like the newlywed couple has taken a step back and eaten their words by admitting that the announcement shouldn’t have been published but it’s a little too late at this point. Their kids, the press, family, and friends have seen the frenzy. It’s just a little distasteful to publicly gloat about a new marriage after you just ended two of them…don’t you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Tina Fineberg for the LA Times

U.K Gearing Up- The royal wedding in April 2011 will the biggest wedding of they year, hands down. The British tourist authority is estimating there will be an extra 300k vsitors because of the royal wedding and they want even more to come! The UK is gearing up for a publicity campaign to encourage even more visitors to travel to England, stimulate the economy, and possibly partake in the wedding festivities. The campaign will largely target the American market but they’ll also work to promote other English locations other than London. If you want to learn more read the Wall Street Journal’s article.

The “Other” Royal Wedding- Although Kate Middleton and Price William have the most attention for their upcoming royal wedding, let’s not forget Prince Albert of Monaco who announced his engagement this past summer. He and his fiancée (20 years his junior) are set to have an outdoor, religious wedding this coming summer. The palace gates will be left open and there will also be TV monitors playing back the ceremony to the population of Monaco.

ScarJo and Ryan Reynolds Divorced- Now after the divorce some light is being shed, specifically by co-stars in his upcoming movie Green Lantern, that ScarJo was mistreating Ryan and was mean and neglectful toward him. They were recently spotted together at a small restaurant but the press is saying it’s just a game to show that there are no hard feelings and the ex-couple can still be civil with each other. Do you think that ScarJo was too young to get married? Was she not ready for the commitment at 26 years old? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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