This Week in Weddings

Another weekly roundup of weddings, marriages, and unfortunately divorces in the celeb world.

1.  Megan Fox is Officially Married- Yes, it’s true. Sorry to all the men out there but it’s official. Megan Fox and her new hubby, Brian Austin Green, formerly of Beverly Hills 90210 fame were officially married in Hawaii this past week. After exchanging their secret vows they were in Hawaii on their honeymoon flaunting their rings. Seems like it was a very small and intimate affair without much hoopla. When it comes to celebs it’s either a very extravagant affair or something super small. If you were a celeb with paparazzi following you everywhere, what would you choose?

2. Kelsey Grammer and his wife of 13 years are filing for divorce. This is his 3rd wife, Camille Donatacci; her and Grammer have 2 kids (from a surrogate mother) and she’s filing for custody of the children. The 55 year old confirmed his divorce on Twitter.

3. Mena Suvari Gets Married in Rome- Mena Suvari and her now husband, Simone Sestito wed this past Saturday at an old church in Vatican City, the reception was at a 15th century castle (the same one where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married). The event was “traditional and romantic” claims the couple. Suvari is 31 and Sestito is 25…age ain’t nothing but a number!

4. 27 Dresses in Action- Julie Caldwell was a bridesmaid 29 times, and finally had her own wedding! The Dallas pharmacist claims that being a bridesmaid was a second career. All jokes aside, she was able to sympathize with her own bridesmaids and at least she had a lot of examples of weddings to choose from. Other women who have been bridesmaids multiple times were also interviewed and claimed that they’d be more sympathetic when it comes to demanding their bridesmaids when they are brides, specifically when it comes to money. Being in the bridal party can get really expensive, and especially since many people are on a budget nowadays it’s important to keep that in mind. If you have any of your own stories of being a bridesmaid, Tweet or Facebook us to share!

5. Tiger Woods’ Divorce = $750 million- That’s how much Woods is going to have to fork over to Elin Nordegren. What’s up with athletes cheating on their spouses? There are many athletes that make good money and have a strong family and Woods definitely put on a facade that his family was perfect..until every last girl in the USA came out of the wood works (no pun intended). Either way, it will most likely be a public divorce if it get anything close to the amount of attention the cheating scandal got. What do you think of the whole Tiger scandal?

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