How To Be The Best Bridesmaid

When it comes to being a bride, there are bride handbooks, guides, blogs, and websites—all with tons of advice and insight on getting married. When it comes to being a bridesmaid, though, it’s quite a different story… Where’s all the advice for that? That’s why we absolutely loved this advice from Jennifer, a bride-to-be and a recent first-time bridesmaid who had no idea what she was getting herself into! Jennifer shared with us her top tips on how to be the best bridesmaid:

If you’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid, congratulations! Yay! It’s such a huge honor and very exciting to be asked to be such a big part of someone’s special day. As a first-time bridesmaid recently I completely underestimated how rewarding an experience it would be and also how much planning and coordination it would take to support the bride and make the day extra special for her. Every bride has different expectations for her bridesmaids but here are my top tips for making the most traditional of the tasks go smoothly!

Arrange a fantastic bachelorette party or hen night:  It’s often the bridesmaid’s responsibility to arrange the bachelorette party (also called hen night), so I would suggest that you get started planning this as soon as possible especially if a large group, travel or overnight stays are involved. One of the first things to do suss out what kind of thing the bride has in mind – a spa weekend in the country is worlds away from clubbing in Vegas for instance. Your duties will be to coordinate the all the activities, guests and keep everything under budget whilst still providing the unique little extras that will personalise the day for the bride and make it memorable.

Be honest about the dresses upfront: If you’re concerned about color or costs then its best that you talk to the bride sooner rather than later so you can get an idea of what ideas she has and if it’s something that you’d be comfortable with. If you get this conversation out of the way it will prevent any awkward moments when you’re wedding dress shopping. However if your bride already has her heart set on you wearing a canary colored fiasco you must wear it without complaint – it’s her day and it’s your job to be supportive. It’s also up to you to arrange the accessories, but do make sure to run any purchases past the bride first to make sure that she’s happy with every detail.

Always ask what you can help with: There are always little jobs that need to be done. Weddings take a long time and a lot of effort to plan. Your bride might not feel she can pass any boring tasks over to you, or she might not be used to delegating, but believe me—as the date gets closer she’ll thank you for taking some of tasks off her hands.

Be attentive on the big day: The morning of the wedding can be tense and stressful. It’s your job to make sure that her nerves are under control, she has everything she needs, and looks fabulous in her dress. Take time to have a look at the venue before the guests arrive and make any little adjustments to table settings or decorations. Show the DJ where to set up, meet the florist and ensure everything is in order. Be her point-person. Greet family and friends and make sure that wedding guests are interacting and nobody is left out—be friendly and mingle! Help others mingle! Collect cards and presents and store them in a safe place.

After the event: The bridesmaid’s tasks don’t just end at midnight. Offer to transport guests to train stations or airports, help pick up decorations or presents from the venue, make sure that the couple have everything they need for their honeymoon and give them a good send off. Coordinate copies of friends’ wedding photos from the day and put them all on a CD or disk so the bride and groom get a copy of all the images on their return.


Even though it sounds like a lot—believe me, you’ll have a blast and it will bring you and the bride closer than ever (while making her day extra special). Have fun!


When Jennifer is not busy planning her own Caribbean Wedding she works on behalf of a company that specialises in unique weddings abroad.

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