Bridesmaids Gifts

After the man she’s marrying, there’s no one more important to a bride than her bridesmaids. They help you plan, attend all the pre-wedding events, and proudly stand up next to you at the altar in whatever bridesmaids dresses you pick for them – flattering or otherwise. Traditionally, they get thanked for their hard work with bridesmaid gifts. Here are some of’s favorite ideas for bridesmaid gifts:

1. Jewelry

Jewelry is a classic gift. And it’s easy to personalize with engraving or by adding the bridesmaid’s birthstone. Try to stay away from rings – given the occasion, it makes it seem like your bridesmaids are getting married to you. Bracelets and necklaces are lovely gifts, and you don’t have to worry about picking the right size or knowing if one of the girls has pierced ears. Online shops like have beautiful and unique handmade pieces that you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Spa treatments

Planning a wedding is stressful – but then again, you probably know that by now. Spa treatments are something most of us reserve for special occasions. Give your bridesmaids the gift of pampering with a massage or mani/pedi gift certificate. And be sure to let them know they don’t have to use it for the wedding day. The bridesmaid gifts should be something just for her to use on her own time, not another part of your wedding schedule. Check out Spaphile for spa deals!

3. Home Supplies They Wouldn’t Buy For Themselves

The best gift is the kind you want, but wouldn’t spend your own money on. Browse stores like Crate and Barrel for fabulous wine stoppers, fancy letter openers, or elegant wine decanters.

4. Something To Remind Them of the Wedding

No, we don’t mean a framed photo of you standing in front of the church. If you get married at a vineyard, present each woman with a bottle of the wine you served at the reception. Robes or lotions from the hotel spa are also good. These customizable sandals are also fun bridesmaids gifts.

5. Stationery

Letter-writing is swiftly becoming a lost art form. Reinvigorate it by buying cute stationery and a nice pen as bridesmaid gifts. Cute designs like birds, bicycles and umbrellas keep it from seeming stodgy. You can also personalize stationery with the bridesmaids’ initials.

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