7 Sizzling Summer Wedding Tips

Today we’re proud to introduce Danelle from Sugar & Spice Event Design in Los Angeles, CA. We asked her for some summer wedding tips.

You’re getting married and a summer soiree sounds just right for your special day. Here are some ideas to make sure that the warmth of your love doesn’t melt your ambiance.

1. Time is of the Essence: Summer is a busy season for weddings. Try to book your summer wedding at least six months in advance to ensure that perfect venue.If you are running a little late, try your hand at amazing venues that are atypical wedding spots: museums, parks, or grand libraries that may offer an outdoor patio.

2. “Let the Sunshine in!” – Don’t be afraid to use bright colors that bring out the sun.Choose attire and colors that compliment warm temperatures without making your bridal party melt. Think of attire that is loose, flowing and giving, while avoiding heavy fabricsor excessive dark shades that attract heat.

3. Sizzle Up the Menu - Dine on amazing food that will quench your guests’ palettes and are inspired by the sun. Have your guests enjoy  summer appetizers like cocktail shrimp or gazpacho soup during cocktail hour. Signature beverages can include a homemade lemonade spritzer or a mint and citrus infused water at the bar. Entrées can be flavorful skewered veggies and meats which are sure to be a hit in the warm sun.

4. Sunset Celebrations - Evening weddings in the summer are amazing hits.You can enjoy the ambiance of a cool evening, while still being able to choose between inside and the great outdoors. The decrease in temperature can provide a comfortable evening for an evening sizzling garden party or an indoor candle lit ceremony.

5. To Tent or Not to Tent… That is the Question: Consider your guests when having a daytime outdoor ceremony. Though a sunny outdoor scene is awesome, your guests may melt during the wait. Think of having a tented ceremony that provides the flexibility of enjoying the outdoors without the sun getting in the way. If a tented scene is not for you, consider a shade area under large trees or on the side of a building that may block the sun temporarily during a specific hour.

6. Favor Functionality- Summer weddings can provide great opportunities for wonderful plays on the weather. Personalized fans, flip flops sandals, beach bags, decorativebottle waters, and colorful handkerchiefs or towels give the favors functionality and comfort for the guests’ use during the special day.

7. Beat the Heat – Don’t let the heat be a downer on your special day. Make wise choices on locations of food, cake and flowers to avoid the heat getting the best of them.Choose flowers that have a heartier stem such as roses and china mums that usually don’t wilt badly in the heat. Royal icing or fondant can solve pastry disfigurement if your event is sun kissed.

Consider these tips and you are sure to have a summer soiree that melts your heart and cheers the crowd.

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