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A Wonderful WedDIYng Part I: The Engagement Session

We are pleased to introduce you to one of the most impressive weddings of 2010, the 10-10-10 wedding of Blithe and Scott. These are two creative techies who met in college while working on a sorority website. Now, that’s a different kind of “internet dating.” Today, Blithe is a chemist and Scott is a computer engineer. And […]

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Top Ten Tuxedos: #9

Earlier this week, we unveiled a new feature – Top Ten Tuxedos as selected by our formalwear expert Rik Ducar.  In traditional (and NYE) fashion, we are following a countdown style, starting with #10 and continuing with #9. Like its #10 counterpart, #9 is by a “Paul” and actually shares the same initials – P.S. Can you guess which tux Rik selected?  Number […]

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